Gardner's Art Through the Ages Book Review

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

This is my new acquisition. Expensive but an excellent reference book for those interested in art. I have wanted to study art history for a while (as well as some other humanities) as I missed out on this opportunity at university as in the UK we don't get a general studies year. Unfortunately two university courses on art history run to $1000 which is just too much to spend at this point in my life so the book is a cheap option. Just the fact that it has 1400 illustrations/photos almost 100% in colour is incredible (so is the fact that the book has 1200 pages and ways about as much as baby J).

I am hoping to get some ideas for some art projects out of this book as well learning the lingo so I sound, well, like I know "sumthink 'bout ahhrt".

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