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Friday, July 14, 2006

Not really crafts related, but I stumbled upon a web site which explains a bit about the liver problem I was diagnosed with at age 17. Basically Gilbert's is a liver function issue which prevents the liver from effectively filtering the yuck out of your bloodstream (yuck could be dead red blood cells or toxins).

Doctors have always said to me that there are no side affects with this syndrome (other than looking a bit yellow) but new studies out there are starting to reveal that they may be other related medical issues including:

general fatigue, weakness, tiredness with insomnia, poor memory, inability to recall words, brain fog (i.e. spaced-out), depression, SAD (seasonal affective disorder), gastric issues (including bloating), sinusitis (blocked sinus), tinnuitis (ringing in ears), motion-sickness.

For years I thought I was permanently "under the weather" and you learn to live with them but now I know that there might actually be a cause. So what's the answer? There really isn't one, but I'm thinking of trying Dr Sandra Cabot's Liver Cleansing Diet. It's supposed to help the liver function more effectively.

Anyway, whether you've been diagnosed with GS or not, please visit the site and take the survey. More respondents are needed to help determine whether these symptoms are really more prevalent in GS suffers or not.

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