Here are a few layouts from last night/this morning

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

This is what I was up to last night / this morning. C is out of town so I got the kids off to bed early (well 8.30pm) and managed to pull a few quick layouts together last night and this morning (after K went to daycare).

This one is of K at the park. She just loves the slides but poor J has to sit and wait in the stroller :(

This is of K at swimming lessons. She loves swimming (as does J).

And now for something a bit different. Earlier this year K was having an obsession with turning the light switches on and off. I think it was because she could finally reach them! Anyway, you would be constantly plunged into darkness during the evenings.

And lastly this one, just some pics I thought were cute of K with her comfy fleece hat (a steal for $4 at the Gap).
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