My first mixed media

Friday, August 25, 2006

I could have called the title to this post "My first mixed media" or "My first really big painting", either would have been applicable. This painting was done on 22x30 300lb rough texture watercolor paper. After drawing a rough sketch in willow charcoal, the mixed media process was started with mixing up the watercolor paints. The colors chosen were based on those used for a series of paitings in 1999 by a BC watercolor artist that I admire (Linda Frimer). Then the watercolor paper was soaked with water (literally poured on). Once good and wet, the watercolor paints were brushed onto the paper and because it was already wet, they bled quite a bit. The painting had to dry and I clipped it to a sturdy board to keep the paper from buckling. Pastels were used over the top in similar colors to define the wood fence, the wheel (which was made completely with pastels), texturize the grasses and add the flowers. This painting will be one of those exhibited at the "Tuesdays With Tina" Art Show, to be held Saturday 26th August 2006, 3-7pm at 1701 Highland in Spall/Glenmore area of Kelowna, British Columbia.

Father Pandosy Mission

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