Project: Coaster Box

Monday, May 07, 2007

Yesterday I made another project using my coasters, a coaster box. This box was originally designed (not by me) as a gift box with an open top but can be used for storage too. I plan to use mine for a telephone message center with a cube of notepaper, pens, pencils etc.

Here are the steps:

  1. Cover 5 coasters on both sides using paper and a corner rounder if your coasters have rounded corners. Make sure the edges are glued down well.
  2. Take 4 coasters. These coasters will become the walls of the box. Punch holes along two opposite edges on each coaster, making sure the holes are evenly spaced. An odd number of holes is suggested. These punched edges will be the corners of the box.
  3. Punch two holes into each corner of the 5th coaster (the bottom) on a diagonal.
  4. Thread ribbon through the two holes on one corner of the bottom coaster and then up inside the box.
  5. Thread the ribbon ends through the bottom hole on the side wall (from inside to outside).
  6. Lace the ribbon up through the holes and then tie a bow on the outside. Note: If you use an even number of holes you will need to reuse the last hole like I did.
  7. Here is the finished box.
I hope you enjoyed this project, I did.
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