Art Class

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's been a while since I've taken any art classes but here are some photos (taken with my cell phone) from the Pastels & Faces art class at Rotary Center. This class runs Tuesday mornings 9-12 if you are interested.

Carol and Tina Siddiqui (instructor) review progress of her family portrait:

Dee works on her fabulous collage of a saxophonist:

Check out the beautiful portrait on the table easel:

The word “pastel” derives from an old French word for “paste”. In this case, it is a paste made of pure pigments, the same used in oil paint and other fine art media. Using a highly diluted gum binder, the paste is shaped into sticks and allowed to dry. The pastel sticks are capable of a rich variety of effects and techniques. Pastel paintings are truly paintings in the same way that oil paintings are: they are complete images made with pigment colors.

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