WIP: Ivy

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I've had some dark red mercerized style yarn for several years now.

I bought it at Lewiscrafts (Summer 2004) before they closed down in Canada. It was going to be a Jaeger sweater from a book of patterns I purchased at Liberty's off of Oxford Street (the yummiest store, haberdashery and yarn 3rd floor). However, I misplaced the knitting at some point and by the time I found it, months later, I couldn't remember which size I'd been knitting (Tip: write this down on the pattern, in pencil if you want to erase it later).

Well to continue the project I decided to frog the entire back and reknit it. Well about 3 inches into the pattern I decided that I was sick of looking at the same thing. That pattern in that color, ugh! There really wasn't anything wrong with it but I figured if I was sick of looking at it now while knitting it, that I'd probably never wear it. So I frogged it again and put the yarn away.

A few days later I was looking at Knitty.com Ivy pattern from Winter '06 and it called for some DK weight about 800g/1800 yards. Hmmm, I think that red yarn is DK and guess what I have exactly 800g .....

So now I'm working on the Ivy wrap sweater in dark red. I'm hoping that I'll like this sweater a lot more than the other one although probably won't be wearing it until next Fall/Winter because it's probably not going to fit my pregnant body by the time I'm finished.

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