Pointless Marketing

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ok, so I'm not loaded but I do have some money to spend this week that nobody seems to want to take.

On Tuesday it was Memories & More, the local scrapbook store. I had seen the new Basic Grey Archaic collection, a real cute dinosaur themed set of papers, stickers etc. available to order on 2 peas, added to this I wanted to purchase Jessica Sprague's Computer Tips and Tricks 2 magazine which has been out for at least 1 month (Bonnie already ordered and had her copy delivered, and I checked it out over a week ago). So I thought a trip to the LSS was in order to pick up these things. After driving all the way over to the Westside (I don't venture there unless I can help it) it turns out that they had neither of these things in yet. And yet LSSs complain online shopping is putting them out of business...

Next, the battery in my cell is dead and won't charge. I don't use the phone much but do need it for emergencies so that the daycare/school can contact me when I'm not home and which is why I only have a pay and talk plan with Telus. So do I spend $20 (ok, I haven't checked the real price) on a battery for a 3 year old phone, or just buy a new one. I opted to buy a new one but set a budget of $100. So I browse the Telus site and see the recommended phone is a cute phone for $99.99. Perfect! But backordered 1-2 weeks. I phone a few dealers and nobody has this model except Telus directly. So I phone Telus to see if I can't backorder it (to make sure I get one once they get back in stock). Well after talking to 2 really rude customer service (Hah!) reps, I am told that I can't backorder it and that actually the status "Backordered 1-2 weeks" is secret code for probably not going to get any more of those in stock. As in, "no phone for you!" (said in voice of Soup Nazi). So now I'm gonna get the $20 battery, Telus loses the $100 sale plus the money I`d pay to add on some new services supported by the newer phone.

So there you go, nobody wants me to buy anything! Why they bother marketing products to consumers when they are not available/distributed beats me....

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