Friday, March 28, 2008

After last weekends fiasco of not buying a house (don't ask), we are now reconsidering the rennovation option. This has always been a sore point. The thing I dislike most about our house just can't be changed, the fact that the kitchen is not at the back of the house and does not step out onto a backyard (we have a walk-out basement and the kitchen is on the side-center of the house).

Anyway, we already did a rennovation 1 1/2 years ago to give J a bedroom on the main floor. Basically we divided my kitchen which was then at the front of the house, and created a bedroom/den out of the nook. Now we're having another baby and there is nowhere to put it when it arrives. Yes, it could stay in our bedroom but I already did that with J for the first year and it was terrible, nobody got any sleep and our bedroom was overun with baby stuff. So, that's not an option I particularly like.

But K and J are now bigger and both of them can manage the stairs. So I opened discussion on moving them both downstairs. I think it needs to be both of them because it could be a bit lonely down there on your own. K is happy because she will be getting the current guest room together with queen sized bed and cheater en-suite bathroom. J doesn't understand but he will be getting the current computer/craft room. He will finally get a closet rather than an armoire. We do need to build a wall and a door for that room so that work needs to be done (right now it is open plan entry).

The new baby will be getting K's current bedroom which is across the hall from our own bedroom although will eventually be moving down to the 3rd bedroom downstairs once the stairs aren't a problem. That just leaves J's current bedroom (the old kitchen nook) which I will be taking to be an office/craft room.

Our infrequent guests can either take the baby's room (there will be a sofa bed) and the baby's crib can move in with us temporarily, or K and J can bunk together in J's room leaving K's room available (it has a queen sized bed). Eventually, once the baby moves downstairs in a few years that will leave a guest bedroom on the main floor.

So this all works in theory (we haven't tried getting the kids to sleep downstairs yet) and should buy us a few more years and may even be a permanent solution to the sleeping arrangements.

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