Cancer Update: Treatment day 17/35

Saturday, April 05, 2008

We're having a nice break from treatment this weekend. So far C's had 2 of 3 chemo doses of Cisplatin both given IV in hospital together with anti-nausea drugs. There's been no throwing up yet, slight hair loss at back, some feelings of nausea once initial anti-nausea drugs are finished (he has another ongoing drug for breakthrough nausea). Last chemo scheduled April 22nd.

In addition he's had 17 out of 35 radiations treatments at the Cancer Center. Taste buds are wacky and certain texture foods are bothering him (i.e. he can't eat without wanted to throw up). Has lost 15 pounds total (2/3 of that in the last week). Trying to supplement with high calorie meal replacement shakes but will have to be more vigilent with this otherwise the doctors will resort to a feeding tube if they think he's not getting enough calories (I've already read the riot act).

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