Chemo rescheduled

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Well I guess things must have been going too good so far with C's treatment because everything is starting to fall apart this week.

After a lousy weekend of no voice and barely being able to swallow/eat/drink, this week was made worse by the rescheduling (at 4pm the day before no less) of C's chemo. It has been pushed back until Thursday (instead of Tuesday) because the hospital is overbooked and they don't have enough staff to bring anyone else in.

This totally sucks on so many different levels, first the whole mental anguish of preparing yourself and then it being delayed. Second, it is K's 4th birthday on Friday so C will return home drugged to the eyeballs and completely out of it. Thirdly because it is parent/child day at school on Friday too, C missed the last one because of work and now will miss this one being in the hospital, there are no more this school year. Finally, because K's school birthday celebration will be on Thursday (because parent/child day is on Friday) and so C will miss that too.

So if I sound a bit p***ed off, yes, I am.

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