Library of Memories 4: Library Albums

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stacy's 3rd essential item are her Library Albums, this is where her completed layouts are stored. Stacy's LOM albums are divided into the four categories: People, Us, Places, Things.

Once my layouts are created in Photoshop Elements then I print them usually at Costco in the 18x12 size. The neat thing about this size is that you can print 1 12x12 and then 3 4x6 photos on the remaining 6x12 strip. I insert these 12x12 layouts into my albums.

My albums aren't quite organized like Stacy's yet. I have albums for each child (Us) but need to add albums for both C and me. I have not separated out People We Love, Places or Things although I do have a Family album as well as a Marina's stuff album. My next step is to do this separation.

To do this I am going to purchase sticky colored flags from Staples and use a different color for each of the 4 themes. I will then go through my albums flagging the various layouts and pulling them out of their albums and into new ones. This will be a time consuming process so my next blog entry will skip to the next step (gasp!).

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