Bear with me a minute!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

My plan to sit in my new craft area and keep an eye on the kids outside, has been foiled by a four-legged creature like the one above.

Yesterday afternoon, around 3.30pm, in broad daylight (it's only 1 month away from the longest day in the year), a little guy (about the size of a Retriever) just like the one above decided to take a stroll through my backyard, climb up my rock wall, cross the street and disappear into the forest. How long he'd been roaming around Gallaghers Canyon is anyone's guess, but he came through the neighbour's backyard to get into mine (we don't have a fence just plants).

Last week we had our trash cans pulled apart by bears, and we think it is probably the same cub, without a mother who doesn't know how to hunt and so is trying for some easy pickings (human garbage and bird feeders etc).

Luckily the kids weren't outside, even though K had been out in the backyard on her own just a few hours before. Scary!!!

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