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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Some of you have noticed a few changes going on at our house. There's the replacement cedars in the side yard, new pavers to go around the lawn, fixed up rock wall, blah blah blah....

Inside we are planning on moving the kids downstairs to make room for the new baby, give Craig a dedicated office (instead of the dining room table) and create a new office/studio area for me at the back of the family room so I can oversee activities both in the family room and in the back yard (again, instead of the dining room table).

I've already posted about my new toy (Dell laptop). Next to the laptop will be my Epson scanner and my new wide format Epson printer which will print my digital layouts 12x12 as well as my art prints and photographs up to 13x19 inches. These will sit on my new Ikea table, which will sit between two new Ikea cube bookcases and underneath my new Ikea tension wire with clips for hanging artwork and layouts etc. Opposite will be a second new Ikea table with the adjustable height legs which also allow you to tilt the table towards you. This will be the art/scrapping table. Flanked by two new rolling drawer units, one archictects unit (for superwide artwork) and the other for tools, paints, pastels.

I will post photos once the Ikea stuff arrives (supposed to be today) but in the meantime here is the plan:

Note: one of the rolling drawer units was a last minute acquisition and does not appear in the diagram.

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