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Thursday, May 22, 2008

In one of my earlier Library of Memories posts I did mention the problem of recording which photos had been printed (for paper scrapbooking) or scrapped digitally. I have now implemented my system which consists of a separate tag for printed/scrapped.
This what my final (right now) setup looks like.
At the top are my smart album "binders" which are divided into quarters and only containt the 2 star or higher rated images. I have also chosen to put my completely digital pages into their own album.

Underneath, I have my keyword tags "categories drawers" which enable me to find any photo (everything is tagged). You can use the Find, Find Untagged Items function to make sure all photos have been tagged at least once.

The imported keyword tags represent new photos that have been tagged in another application and where the given tag does not match an existing one in Elements. This doesn't happen very often but I check to make sure there are no photos in there every once in a while.

The printed/scrapped tag is given to an image once it has been printed for paper scrapping or scrapped digitally. This tag is so that I can avoid re-scrapping the same photo as it alerts me to that fact, although I can choose to scrap it again if I want to.

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