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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yesterday I spent the whole day scrapbooking, I mean seriously from 9am to 9pm scrapbooking, only stopping for bathroom breaks and to eat. C had a friend visiting from Wenatchee so I took the opportunity to get away from the kids for a bit, especially as C and the friend had golfed both Thursday and Friday leaving me home alone with the kids well into the evening.

I got 7 layouts completed; 3 2-page layouts and 4 single page layouts (that makes 10 12x12 pages total - and will be a whole pack of paper when I print them!) and am pretty much caught up with my scrapbooking (these photos are from the last couple of months).

Seeing as I have been slacking off a bit for the first half of this month, I'm going to spread the posts over 7 days rather than bombard you with them all at once.

So here's the first one (posting in the order of creation). All layouts were made using Photoshop Elements 6.


Summer Driggs, Memories, Lots of Dots Paper (dot)

Miss Mint, Twinkle Toes, Light Comfort Paper (blue)

Tabatha Reed, Bella Gypsy QP Challenge, Deep Paper (red)

Loloden, Back To School, Binder Bleu (clip)

Katie Pertiet, Stitched Journaling Strips

CK Ali's Writing, VT Portable Remington Fonts

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