I's Birth Story

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Here's Imara's birth story. 

"At 6am I woke up and got ready to go to the hospital.  After phoning at 6.30am to confirm I could come in for induction, we arrived at around 7.45am.  At 8:15am the doctor confirmed there was still no dilation (1 week overdue) and that my cervix wasn't effaced.  She applied "gel" and left the hospital.  I was to be monitored for 1 hour and then released to come back at 3pm to see how the gel was working.

In the 1 hour I was there, I started having contractions that were about 3 minutes apart.  The hospital decided that I wasn't going to be released unless the contractions stopped or slowed down to outside of 5 minutes apart.  Well that didn't happen and at 1.00pm I was still there having contractions about 2-3 mins apart.  They decided to start setting up a birthing room for me.  By the time we got in there (about 2.00pm) the contractions were much stronger and I was 3cm dilated.

After another hour the contractions started to get much stronger to the point where I requested something for the pain.  That got them a bit worried so they called in the resident doctor to take a look (now 5cm).  They phoned my doctor to ask what I could take for the pain (I didn't have an IV yet) and an IV was approved.  When they got back the contractions were pretty strong and I told them I was starting to feel the need to push.  They decided to check my dilation and were shocked to discover that I was fully dilated. 

They phoned for my doctor to come immediately and started preparing the room for delivery. Luckily one of the other doctors I know from our clinic walked in at that moment (she had just delivery her patient) and took charge with the resident assisting.  4 contractions later (seriously) we had a baby girl.  About 5 minutes later my own doctor walked in (oops!).  All in all, we were lucky to have a quick delivery (only 2 hrs 15 mins spent in the birthing room - thank goodness).

Unfortunately (as with delivery #1) there were no waters and there was meconium so Imara was whisked away to the nursery for the first 5 hours leaving me babyless until 9.15pm."

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