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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I've been getting a few "Library of Memories" questions from people wanting to do a digital version of this system originally developed by Stacy Julian and published in the book "Photo Freedom". I have been responding to their comments by leaving my own comments on those posts. You can read all my Digital Library of Memories posts here.

However, I haven't documented my workflow so here it is:

I use Photoshop Elements 7 for scrapbooking and organizing my digital photos (including those I've scanned) but not for organizing my digital scrapbook supplies (I use ACDSee Pro 2).

My workflow is to find photos in Elements using my LOM Digital Storage Binders (smart albums) or my LOM Category Drawers (tags) and then select "Full Edit" which open them into the Elements Editor photo bin.

I then go into ACDSee Pro 2 and use my categories to find the supplies I need, then select "Edit" (I have configured my default editor to be Elements Editor). This opens the supplies into the Elements Editor photo bin.

So now all my photos and supplies are sitting in the photo bin under the editor work area where I can see them all at the same time. I create a new document in the editor work area and drag my photos and supplies into the new document.

This workflow is efficient with only two programs open (Elements and ACDSee Pro).

Note: I have heard that there can be problems with using Elements to manage your scrapbooking supplies because of the huge quantity of supplies and the fact that Elements will generate a thumbnail for everything in its catalog (basically the system would grind to a halt). That is why I've opted to use ACDSee Pro to manage the supplies.

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