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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Here's Daily December, and I don't want to see any comments about being late! It's been chaos around here because there's been so much snow and we're due for another 6 inches or so again today. I was having to shovel so much snow every time I went out in the car, that I put my back out on Thursday/Friday. Luckily I had physiotherapy booked for Friday morning for my other injury so she was able to work on my back too!

I'm still not ready for Christmas and we don't even have to do the food this year because we are going to my in-laws! The presents aren't all wrapped (although they are bought) and we still have to pack. I also have to buy a BCAA plan for the car because it has passed its 3 year mark and the roadside assistance has expired. I don't want to go so far without having any plan in place just in case (last time we drove to Vancouver the engine light came on).

Anyway, here's the layout:

Jessica Sprague Daily December Template
Fling and Georgia fonts
Jen Wilson Merry Days 3rd

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