I'm drowning

Sunday, March 08, 2009

It seems like every year C has to come up with some scheme to rennovate the house - or sell it and build another one.

When we bought this house 5 years ago, I thought it was our Forever Home. Since then we haven't even unpacked because we've tried to buy/build three times unsuccessfully and have done two large rennovations (basement finishing, create 2nd bedroom on main floor (by stealing 1/2 the kitchen).

Now we have rennovation #3, the create an open space and finish a room for the live-in nanny rennovation designed to make the main living area more like a great room concept and have somewhere to put the nanny when she moves in. Subsequently there is stuff everywhere! My neatly organized family room with it's craft area looks like a storage unit and there is a thin layer of drywall dust on everything.

I am beginning to feel like I am drowing because I can't get out from under all this stuff. My creativity level is way down because I can't access anything to express myself (so why bother). This morning I stumbled across this article: http://www.scrapgirls.com/ro_scrapbooking_office_scrapbooking_storage.htm

What's interesting is that this is the way I've been going, i.e. digital. My office area is part of that storage unit so I can't really get into it to print anything but my laptop allows me to work remotely from upstairs or wherever I want. I guess I have just realized that I need to really downsize my stuff. I don't have a lot of stuff by most scrapbookers standards but I'm displaying some of those symptoms, the hoarding, the less output with more product. So I've decided I'm going to bite the bullet and give stuff away for free on Castanet.net or take it down to a women's shelter or any other place you might suggest. More to follow....

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