New Scrapbook Spine Labels

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Originally uploaded by Marina Garrison
I've been meaning to update the spine labels on my scrapbook albums for a while. I had an idea to use metal rimmed circle tags (in the Ali Edwards style) but needed a 1" punch which I didn't have.

So today I borrowed a punch (thanks B) and started the process of re-labeling them so they coordinated.

Green albums are family:1 and family:2; pink are ig:1 and ig:2, blue are jg:1 and jg:2, purple will be kg:1 and kg:2.

Even though the albums aren't all the same style (in fact ig:1 is a cool photo album) I think they look much more "coordinated" and the differences aren't so obvious as they were before.

Comments? Do you like? Do I spend too much time reorganizing? Lol....

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