Library of Memories 2010 - using Adobe Bridge CS4

Monday, February 08, 2010

I've written several tutorials about using Photoshop Elements for the Library of Memories system taught at and detailed in the book "Photo Freedom" by Stacy Julian.

As a LOM 2009 alumni, I get to take the course for free again this year.  This is just as well because I never did finish "everything" in the course.  To recap, I organized my photos, created my cold storage, my binders etc all in PSE and even created some layouts with my newly organized photos.  But every organization system needs an overhaul once in a while and taking the course again this year is an opportunity to take a fresh look at what I've been doing, and how it can be improved (or not).

One big change for me since last year, is Photoshop CS4.  I purchased Photoshop CS4 back in July of last year.  It was a great deal as part of the Wacom tablet owners program, you can get a full version of Photoshop CS4 for $299 USD.  Anyway, I have to admit that I haven't fully made the leap from PSE to PS CS4.  This mainly boils down to the high comfort level I have with PSE7 Editor over the newly designed Photoshop Editor CS4.  The second reason is that my photos are currently organized in the PSE7 Organizer.

For those that aren't aware, Photoshop CS4 comes with it's own organizer called Bridge.  Bridge isn't a database driven organizer (like PSE Organizer, Lightroom, ACDSee).  It is simply a powerful file browser, more like the File Explorer in Windows or iPhoto on a Mac.  And I've been a little put off by the process of figuring out a new workflow for my photo organization/editing.

But a new year is a new year, and I'm feeling inspired, so I've embarked on the journey of switching my workflow from PSE7 to Photoshop / Bridge CS4 and I'm going to document the process, through in some tutorials and (hopefully) you'll follow me on this journey.

More to come....

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