The Tooth Fairy

Monday, March 08, 2010

About a week ago, K reported that she had a loose tooth and finally today it fell out.  So tonight we are expecting a visit from the tooth fairy.  I think we set the expectations well, the tooth fairy will exchange the tooth for a "toonie" or should that be "twonie" (hmm, have to think on that one!).

Hope to get a photo of the gaping hole tomorrow along with a shot of the poster K made so that the tooth fairy wouldn't get lost on the way to her room (she was rather concerned that the tooth fairy might go to the wrong kids' room - and it's not like we have that many kids right?  only 3......, can you imagine if we were the 18 kids and counting family.......)

For those of you still waiting for your kids teeth to fall out, there's more blood that I expected/remembered and make sure you don't brush the teeth too hard that day or you have more bleeding!  Well come on, it's not like they come with a manual ;) (the kids or the teeth)

We read "Clifford and the Loose Tooth" tonight which is a big improvement over Robert Munsch's funny story "Andrew's Loose Tooth".  Despite the latter being the funniest, I think it may be a little scary for the newly wobbly-toothed child. 

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