Springtime 2010 with Storybook Creator 3 {Studio M}

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm a big fan of Ali Edwards, a scrapbooker who is doing a lot of digital work these days.  I can't afford to buy all the templates and elements she sells so I often create my own versions of her designs. She recently published a page that I liked and I wanted to "scraplift" it (that's what scrapbookers say instead of "copying").

Here's Ali's page:

Here's mine:
My page was made using Creative Memories' Scrapbook Creator Plus 3.  This is a bit of a diversion for me.  I usually make my pages in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, however, the upgrade to Scrapbook Creator was on sale for $9.95 and came with 1 kit so I thought I'd grab it as I still had the previous version.  I'm curious to see what the new features of version 3 are and whether I might be able to produce pages faster with a more scrapbook oriented tool.

I did cheat one tiny bit, and made the paint overlay in Photoshop, saved as a .png and then imported to SBC3.  Everything else was done inside SBC3.  I've since figured out I could have made that element in SBC too by using the Line tool.

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