A Stroll in the Park {Capture Life @ Studio M}

Friday, June 04, 2010

This morning "I" and I spent some time in the park outside our back yard.  For those of you that have never set eyes on our home, we have a grassy area (the park) outside our back fence and a gate in the fence to go out.  The grassy area is mowed once a week and there are several trees there.  It is flanked on one side by the "forest" a small area the size of a single lot but that contains dozens of fully grown ponderosa pines. The older kids love to play in the "park" and the "forest" and the best part is that I can look out the back door and keep an eye on them. Unfortunately for "I", I only let her out accompanied by an adult (she is only 22 months after all!) and we have had bears in the back yard in previous years.

Today she got to spend some time out there without the kids (they were at school).  She wore a new dress I picked up at the Gap for $11.99 (reduced from $30 or something!).  Of course I wasn't going to let her out there looking so cute without subjecting her to a photo shoot :)

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