Go number 11 {Capture Life}

Sunday, June 06, 2010

K has been playing soccer in the local league for 6 year old girls. She's actually proved to be quite good which really surprised me as I thought she'd inherited my natural athletic ability (as in none at all). Instead she gets right in, tackling and stealing the ball from the other girls. Of course she does have one advantage, that of being about 6 inches taller than most of the girls her age which makes her a little more intimidating.

These shots were taken at her game. I'm not sure what blogger is doing to the photos but I've noticed that that they are much more vibrant on blogger than they appear on my screens at home. I processed these using Scott Kelby's updated 7 points system. His system is quick and easy in Adobe Camera Raw CS5 compared to what it was when his book first came out (because you had to use CS3). The new version of the 7 points system is available on www.kelbytraining.com and (considering you can buy 1 month access for $25) is much cheaper than buying the now outdated book.

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