Watercolors {Studio M}

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I inherited these two watercolor paint boxes from my aunt who passed away last November.  I haven't really touched her art supplies so far as it's been too sore a subject for me as I am not yet over her death but I think I'm ready now to take a look at what I have and try to use it.

The larger box is a Daler Rowney Georgian watercolor set with 14 pans and two tubes (white and black). The pans are removable but aren't 1/2 pan size so I'm not sure whether replacements are possible.  The smaller box is an Alwyn Cranshaw box, also by Daler Rowney (not sure if these are Georgian the student series or not).  This box seems to have been sold as part of a set but might have been available separately as I didn't inherit anything else with it. It holds 6 x 1/2 pans.  The original colors were: Crimson Alizarin, French Ultramarine, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Yellow Pale, Cadmium Red and Hookers Green. As you can see only the crimson and the cad. yellow still have much left.  I'm  not sure what is supposed to be in the section to the right (if you know please leave a comment).  I am going to purchase the 1/2 pans and clean up the kit for some plein air painting (probably just out in my neighborhood to start with).

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