Sunday, October 31, 2010

Growing up in England, Halloween wasn't a big thing, we had Guy Fawkes night (Nov 5th) instead. In Canada Halloween is one of the biggest events for kids next to Christmas and ahead of Easter. They get to wear their costumes, this year Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Ironman and Cinderella, and "trick or treat" in our mostly retired neighborhood where you are lucky if you get 10 children all night (and we have 3 of them!). This means that the candy bars come in fistfuls and they'll be eating candy til Christmas if we ration it.

Yesterday we visited the pumpkin patch and when we got home we set to work designing and carving the pumpkins. Due to lack of artistic skills, I've finally taken relieved C of his carving duties and this year carved all 3 pumpkins (yes, without cutting any fingers off!).

Here's the end results.

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