Winter {Studio M}

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm not a big Winter fan. I guess as a kid our clothes were never warm enough (even though England rarely goes below 0C) and I was always miserable.

I always planned to emigrate to Australia where I perceived it was much warmer but ended up here in Canada instead (ooops!). So after spending 8 wet years in Vancouver we moved to Kelowna which was much colder, although not as damp! One of my first purchases was a snowsuit and boots. These have worked well during the last 7 years (when I could fit into them between pregnancies) and I have to say, it makes *all* the difference.

So this morning I donned the snowsuit (which is now two sizes too big) and went out with the kids into the back yard and park behind our house. I took the camera, got a few pics of the kids and some macros. There's no sign of life outside but I liked the color contrast of this red plant against the grey rock and white snow.


More over at my Flickr!

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