Terry Ludwig Salmagundi Cityscape Pastel Set

Sunday, January 02, 2011

I thought I'd unveil my Terry Ludwig Salmagundi Club Cityscape Set online too (I was feeling bad about not opening it, using it, or putting it with my other colors (after all I did *buy* it!).  Here is the packaging.

Inside each box you get a blank color chart that you fill out for your records so that when you run out of a color you can figure out what color it was by matching the tiny left over chip of pastel with the marks you made on the chart, that way you can reorder your fave colors.

And this is what you see inside once you open the box.  And Terry, if you're reading this, how about sending me your portrait set so I can post some pictures and rave about it on my blog?  That's what I was going to buy when it went on sale but then I found out about this new set and got it instead, the portrait set is still on my wish, wish, wish list.

My studio desk is now cleaned up and I'm getting ready to make a mark!

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