Friday Movie Night {Capturing Life}

Friday, August 26, 2011

Today night was movie night.  Unfortunately we were out of popcorn for tonight's showing of "The Incredibles". The kids persuaded me to bake cupcakes instead and despite J's 6-cavity situation (yes, really!) I went ahead.

Betty Crocker and I whipped up some chocolate cupcakes. I was surprised I could even find my electric whisk with our kitchen renovation still in progress :) 

24 cupcakes were ready to roll in a jiffy.

And 18 minutes later we had fresh cupcakes straight from the oven. Of course, the kids wanted frosting which meant another 5 minutes in the fridge for a 'fast' cool down.

All lined up ready for frosting and mom's speciality, the Smartie on the top. I forgot to take a photo of the finished cupcakes, doh! Oh well, better luck next time... these won't stick around long enough to make an encore appearance.

All photos taken with my 35 1.8 lens, which I am still trying to 'rock'.

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