Journaling Prompts: Family History

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Writing your life story or documenting your memories can be tough. A blank sheet of paper or notebook can be especially daunting for you if you've never written anything personal about yourself before.  To help you in this process, we have developed a 12-part series of storybooking prompts that you can use as a basis for documenting your life.

The first part is: Family History
  1. What is your birth date and place of birth? 
  2. What are the names of your parents & siblings? 
  3. Where did your family come from? 
  4. What is unique or special about your background? 
  5. How did your ancestors contribute to your future? 
  6. How did your parents choose your name (any nicknames)?
We hope you enjoy using these prompts as much as we enjoyed creating them for you! Please leave a comment and let us know how they worked for you.  Look out for the next prompts in the series: Childhood.

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