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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Every Spring for about a week, while the apple trees are in bloom, the dandelions in the grass also bloom. This creates the effect of white trees with a carpet of yellow underneath. I have found this one week to be the single most spectacular sight since moving to Kelowna in 2003.
Every year since K was little, I have wanted to dress her up and take her into the orchards for a photo shoot. But every year something transpires to stop me, whether it is rain (which closes up the dandelion flowers), or after school activities, we always seem to miss it.

This year I was determined to get to it, after all, just how many years can I make there excuses! K is 10 and the cutest factor is rapidly fading into teenage years when I doubt she'll be willing to pose for the camera. So I dragged both girls into the car and we went roaming round the neighbourhood looking for nice looking trees with lots of dandelions. The latest orchard fad is to dig up the old, gnarly looking trees and replace them with trees that grow along wire like vines. Great for the apple pickets but not so attractive. After hunting around we found what I was looking for.Of course, it had taken me so long to get around

Of course, it had taken me so long to get around to doing this the dandelions were starting to seed. Little "I" just loves seeding dandelions. Ever since she was old enough to talk she's called them "bubble blowers", I guess because the look like bubbles on the stalk and you can blow them like blowing bubbles on a wand. She will pick every dandelion in the field and blow it, never getting bored of the game.

Besides being a great girly photo shoot, it was actually a lot of fun coaching them and watching them play together.

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