Butterfly Effect Book Review

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

I have been loving my new butterfly effect journal by Jane Davenport. The butterfly effect journal is an epiphany to me, it is the best notebook/journal/planner I have ever owned. Let me explain why.

I don't need a planner - I keep appointments on my iphone - using gmail for personal and microsoft exchange for work. But I hate using my phone for To Do lists and reminders. It seems to take more effort to enter them than to just do the item, plus I always forget to look at it.

So I like to keep To Do lists on paper. Usually I use a notebook of the lined variety and use a symbol to indicate "To Do", "In Progress", "Done". I scratch through the entire list in a diagonal directly when I'm done so I know I don't need to look at it anymore. I also like to art journal. This is a relatively new thing for me. It started out as individual paintings and then migrated into a journal. I use a watercolour Moleskine and a plain paper Moleskine. That's *two* Moleskines if you are counting. Oh, but wait, there's a third journal, it's for writing and has lined paper. But hang on a minute, I have another lined journal I use for poems (yes I like writing poems) and another grid journal for practicing lettering/calligraphy. So now we're up to 5..... but none of them are full. In fact, only 1 is even at the half way mark. It takes a long time to fill up a notebook with poetry because I'm not doing it all the time. And of course, I can't possibly carry 5 notebooks around with me and never have the one I want. This stalls my creativity (like I need an excuse).

So enter the butterfly effect journal. I know you're wondering "what's so great about the butterfly effect journal?" Well, this style of journal is entirely new to me. I feel like I have been living under a rock because it's actually quite common (at least according to YouTube).

My Jane Davenport mermaid "butterfly effect journal" *before*

The butterfly effect journal is a Traveler's Notebook (TN for the initiated) style popularized by the Midori TN. While the Midori TN is a leather cover notebook, Jane Davenport (mixed media artist from Australia) has created a canvas notebook that utilizes the same concept as the Midori TN. The notebook has no paper in it, and you purchase and add inserts into it as required. The inserts can be lined, grid, plain, watercolour paper, marker paper and so on, and there are other items available like plastic covers, business card holders and zippered pockets. Basically its a customizable notebook to suit your lifestyle. Also available are planners - month, week, day to a page or opening.

This means that I can add inserts using different types of paper for different purposes. In fact, I don't even have to buy inserts, I can make them myself or even use loose leaf paper folded down the center (cut to the right size, approximately 8x8 inches). Problem solved. I can go from 5 journal to a single journal and carry it around with me for when inspiration strikes. As each insert is filled, it can be removed and a new insert added to replace it.

So why "butterfly effect"? Jane noticed that when the book folds back on itself it looks like butterfly wings.... so cute!

My butterfly effect journal - being a butterfly!
If you are interested in trying this out for yourself, then Jane Davenport's butterfly effect journal is available exclusively at Michaels craft stores. If you don't live near a Michaels then I suggest ordering a Midori or a faux-dori (there are several knock off brands) which achieves the same thing. And don't forget to leave a message letting me know how it works out for you.

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