“Paradigm Shifts” by Richard Polt - Book Review

Monday, January 06, 2020

This is book is amazingly well written and worth the small cost (less than $9 CDN). The short stories are of a much higher standard than I was expecting. 

Several have left me stunned, shocked (including “You’ll Be Needing This” by Richard Polt) - and wanting to give up my tech job simply because I feel like I am responsible for the future collapse of society!!

On the other hand “Cold Dead Hands” by Steve Kuterescz has got to be the funniest thing I’ve ever read - laugh out loud funny. I especially love his creative character names for the President, Vice-President and National Security Advisor: Truman P Dold, Spike Mence and Mitch Finn (who don’t sound familiar at all!!! ;)

Do yourself a favour and buy this book as quick as you can. I have already purchased Volume 2 “Escapements” and am eagerly awaiting Volume 3 which will be about time travel. If these live up to the quality of the 1st then I’m absolutely hooked.

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