My name is Marina Garrison and I am the author of this blog. I am an artist working in all kinds of media, from pastels to oils to Illustrator. My work exhibits my fascination with light and how it can be portrayed using different mediums. My subject matter includes portraits, landscapes and still life. And I love to take photos with my Sony A6000. 

In between art escapades, I get to take care of my three wonderful children and equally wonderful husband. 

I also enjoy analog technology. This includes film cameras, typewriters and fountain pens.

Film Cameras:
Leica IIIc w/Elmar 50mm 3.5
Olympus OM10 w/ 50mm 1.8
Canon AE1 w/50mm 1.8, 28mm 2.8
Minolta Maxxum 7000 w/50mm 1.7, 28mm 2.8
Various film Point & Shoot, Polaroid LMS600

Digital Cameras:
Sony A6000 
Canon SX50HS 28-1200mm
Canon SX210
Various digicams

Adler Tipper (1972)
Olivetti Lettera 32 (1967)
Olympia SM9 De Luxe wide carriage (1966)
Underwood Rhythm Touch (1950)
Smith Corona Super Sterling (1967)
Olympia SM9 De Luxe (1968)
Smith Corona Super (1959)
Underwood Leader (1950)
Webster XL—5000 [Gone to a loving home]
Smith Corona Sky Writer (1953)
Facit TP1 (1966)
Olivetti Lettera DL red case (1967)
Olivetti Letters DL silver case (1974)

Fountain pens:

Conway Stewart No.388 black & gold level fill 14k gold nib (w/ new sac)
Conway Stewart Dandy 720 black and  gold 14k gold nib (w/ new sac)
Conway Stewart 85 Green Marble 14k gold nib (w/ new sac)
Conway Stewart Dinkie 550 green marble 14k gold nib (needs a new sac)
Conway Stewart Dinkie 570 Lumina bright red and gold - BARREL CRACKED - PM me if you have one to spare

Parker Duofold UK black & gold (x2)
Parker Duofold UK navy blue & gold
Parker Victory black & gold (non-original nib) 
Parker 65 14k GP Imperial
Parker 51 14k GP cap, black body, engraved "George Curtis"
Parker 45 Red (fine nib)
Parker 45 harlequin grey shield (medium nib)
Parker 45 Blue (medium nib)
Parker 45 CT arrow grey (broad nib)
Parker Vector (Black) (x3)
Parker Vector (White)
Parker Falcon Brown

Pelikan Celebry Terra/Earth Black P570 Steel Nib

Sheaffer Snorkel Statesmen triumph nib (black and gold) x2 w/ new sac)
Sheaffer Snorkel Admiral open nib (black and gold) (needs new sac)
Sheaffer Imperial 444 (chrome & black)
Shaeffer Imperial 506XG (gold, chrome and black) Gold nib
Sheaffer Prelude (chrome)
Sheaffer No Nonsense (yellow)
Sheaffer No Nonsense (black)
Sheaffer No Nonsense Calligraphy pen

Waterman Laureat (blue marble boxed)
Lamy Al-Star (natural)
Kaweco Sport (black)

Noodlers Creaper flex (yellow)
Noodlers Konrad flex (burgundy)
Noodlers Ahab flex (black)

Various "off-brand" FPs including:
Soma - eyedropper?
Inoxcrom "Football Association" (chrome & "gold" boxed)
Hero 616
JinHao X450

All images are the original works and are copyright © Marina Garrison. All rights reserved.

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